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World's Most Exciting Journeys

Wedged between Pakistan and Iran this ancient country could only be loved by it's protective Tribal people who have successfully fought off dangerous enemies for 2,500 years. We will go inside this amazing culture to visit the fascinating faces and magnificent places.
Africa's Great Gaming
We will come face to face with lions, elephants, hippos, leopards, and giraffes who live side by side with Maasai Warriors in the Serengeti Plain in Tanzania. Leave your disbelief at home.
Africa's Must See
This is a Continent of such wide, incredible diversity. We will explore Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, and Tanzania...seeing the best of each.
This mightiest of earthly rivers winds 3,900 miles through Peru and Brazil, SA. Our floating home is an old river boat, as we visit villages and schools along its dangerous banks, lost in time, meeting the friendly people and exploring their amazing culture. The Amazon slithers through its impenetrable rain forest, the world's largest where you will meet some of the hearty animals who call it home. Climb aboard Mate, this is an adventure of a life time.
Around the World in 60 Minutes
Fasten you seat belt! We will visit 25 countries on 5 Continents in 60 minutes. This is an adventure you will never forget.
Australia and New Zealand
This island continent, inhabited by Aboriginals 40,000 years ago is so different from her close-by neighbor New Zealand, who didn't host humans until 1,200 years ago. Pack your bags mate for a grand adventure.
Cradled in the lap of the towering Alps and beautified by charming villages along side lakes and streams. This Sound of Music gem with culture rich Vienna and Salzburg is not to be missed.
Ben Franklin
One of our supreme patriots, we follow his creative life from Boston to Philadelphia, his unique talents as elder statesman and inventor, giving birth to our young nation.
Buddhism 101
We will understand the basics of this 2,500 year old Religion/Philosophy that has 400,000,000 earthly followers that seek peace with themselves. You will visit the major Buddhist Shrines throughout the world.
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